Our Mission

"Advocacy that enhances highway safety and efficiency in specialized transportation."

What is NAPVSA?

The North American Pilot Vehicle Safety Alliance (NAPVSA), is a non-profit organization formed to advocate for improved highway safety through increased professional operations of the pilot escort vehicle community.

Supporting NAPVSA

Safety is an ever-present concern for anyone involved in the specialized transportation community. This concern extends to every part of the industry including the Pilot/Escort vehicle sector. Some of the brightest minds in the arena of transporting OS/OW freight came together in the last year to form the North American Pilot Vehicle Safety Alliance. NAPVSA is a non-profit organization geared towards bringing a greater understanding to the specialized transportation community of the safety issues facing the Pilot/Escort industry. By contributing to NAPVSA, you are supporting an alliance of some the most influential entities in the transportation industry who all have action in mind. This organization is now a national recognized organization but with your financial support we can continue to affect higher levels of Safety and Professionalism in the specialized transportation industry.