NAPVSA’s inaugural year has been rather adventurous. Some might even say we were aiming a bit too high in our activities, but this year has truly been indicative of the commitment and expertise housed in our Board of Directors. Our activities for the first year were broken down into three focus areas: Certification, Insurance, and, Route Surveys.


      To carry out our vision, presentations were delivered to the SC&RA Pilot Car Task Force, the SC&RA Transportation Symposium, the Northeast Association of Transportation Officials, and twice to the Mid-American Association of Transportation Officials, the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the AASHTO Freight Operations Working Group and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Perhaps our crowning achievement, however, was in NAPVSA successfully organizing, leading and hosting a summer working group comprised of representatives from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), CVSA, the Chief of Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement, AASHTO, regional and working group chairs, SC&RA, and many distinguished industry representatives.


      This working group tackled open action items from the NTSB and the CVSA concerning pilot operator certification and national database, the prevention of bridge hits including effective countermeasures and the development of a national database and tracking, and safety issues related to state line inspections of OS/OW transport vehicles. NAPVSA has established organizational credibility with NTSB and FHWA, which has helped to entice action from the groups and our working group’s recommendations presently are appearing before the Transportation Research Board with the possibility of a rather large research project.